St Cuthbert's Catholic Academy

Staff well-being is a key part of our success as a school. A hard-working staff should be well supported and cared for to allow them to meet the demands made of teachers in a modern context. All staff are provided with their own personal laptop and extensive training. A well-resourced support team of ICT technicians, admin staff and site staff work hard to make sure the school runs smoothly and that teaching staff are well supported to focus on our core business of teaching.  We also provide other helpful services to our staff such as flexible cover for staff wishing to attend their childrens events (such as sports day etc), free flu jabs, discounts and benefits via a salary scheme, to name just a few.

In the Trust our schools all benefit from the work in the Blackpool Opportunity Area; the funding and opportunities to network with other local schools is augmented by work we are also engaged with at a regional and national level. With St. Mary’s recent designation as a Research School and CPD Centre of Excellence, we are excited about the opportunities to develop further the staff and young people, who work with us, as we seek to provide an outstanding education for those we are called to serve.