St Cuthbert's

Students dressed up for Schools' Alive

Schools’ Alive

What a wonderful evening Christ the King and St Cuthbert’s pupils enjoyed last night. Back in a packed theatre performing live.

CTK in the first half shared a wonderful Mermaid ensemble with Ariel under the sea. Solos from Riah (Ariel), Eva (Ursula) as well as Lucy Rose, Zoe, Heidi and Lilah, who helped share The Little Mermaid Tale. Costumes were bright and vibrant and dancers performed with poise and control. St Cuthbert’s stole the show in the second half with their Sister Act medley. Nicole and Ezme began with a beautiful duet setting the scene of a normal choir rehearsal. Then the stage erupted into a vibrant mix of street and modern moves and concluded with that age old classic “Oh Happy Days!” Indeed it was! A huge thank you to all the staff involved especially Miss Calvert, Mrs Schofield, Mrs Higgins and Brittany from DANCE Etc . Staff from both schools gave up their evening to help on the night (we seem to have a talented bunch of make up stylists, chaperones, costume dressers, not to mention the driver volunteers that supported with travel and transport!) and we are truly grateful for all their help. At points last night the pandemic felt a long way away. We are so grateful for the opportunity to perform on stage once more.