St Cuthbert's Catholic Academy

Policies & Documentation

Policies that apply to all the schools in the Trust can be found at the link below including the Whistle Blowing Policy.

TitleVersionSizeDate modifiedDownload
Accessibility Plan203.99 KB14th Nov 2023 Download
Admissions Policy 2023498.60 KB7th Apr 2022 Download
Admissions Policy 2024832.72 KB29th Feb 2024 Download
Admissions Policy 2025244.81 KB21st Mar 2024 Download
COVID Catch Up Premium Report120.98 KB1st Jun 2022 Download
Charging Remission Policy2.2452.93 KB7th Apr 2022 Download
Complaints Policy & Procedure2.1687.15 KB7th Apr 2022 Download
Covid-19 School Closure Arrangements for Safeguarding & Child Protection - Addendum213.88 KB7th Apr 2022 Download
Data Protection Policy1.1970.32 KB12th Jan 2024 Download
Educational and Offsite Visits and Related Activities Policy and Guidance620.64 KB8th Apr 2024 Download
Equality Objectives147.69 KB7th Apr 2022 Download
Equality Policy & Objectives2.2942.89 KB7th Apr 2022 Download
Health & Safety Policy537.73 KB17th Jan 2024 Download
Human Relationships & Sex Education Policy Primary Academies327.06 KB7th Apr 2022 Download
Joint Behaviour Policy1.02 MB23rd Feb 2024 Download
Local Learning Area Policy1.3190.85 KB18th Mar 2024 Download
Medical Policy477.44 KB14th Nov 2023 Download
Minibus Policy246.63 KB7th Apr 2022 Download
Online Safety Policy1.1255.29 KB18th Mar 2024 Download
Privacy Notice237.26 KB7th Apr 2022 Download
Privacy Notice - Pupil Information222.78 KB20th Jul 2023 Download
Privacy Notice - Workforce Information225.12 KB20th Jul 2023 Download
Remote Education Provision: Information To Parents652.66 KB7th Apr 2022 Download
SEND Code of Practice3.23 MB19th Jan 2023 Download
SEND Policy143.82 KB14th Nov 2023 Download
SEND Report 2022-23315.17 KB19th Jan 2023 Download
SEND Report 2023-24347.65 KB14th Nov 2023 Download
Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy1.11.38 MB23rd Feb 2024 Download
School Uniform Policy221.89 KB6th Oct 2022 Download
Schools Test and Trace Privacy Notice443.76 KB7th Apr 2022 Download
Standard Operating Procedures for Educational Visits1.3252.83 KB18th Mar 2024 Download