St Cuthbert's Catholic Academy

Our mission is to help each other to: Live life with confidence and enthusiasm; to learn to make the very most of all our God-given talents an discover our vocation in the world;@@Love life and each other; to value our diversity and celebrate each other’s uniqueness;@@Share life; through being a living experience of vibrant Christianity to the community we serve.

At St Cuthbert’s we provide our children with a loving Catholic community where they are able to thrive and grow into confident, thoughtful and happy young people.

Through an engaging and creative curriculum, an attractive and stimulating learning environment, and high quality teaching we help children make the most of their many and various talents.

Through opportunities for prayer, reflection and community involvement, we help them develop an appreciation of others, an awareness of themselves and a sense of their place in the world.

In an uncertain and rapidly changing world, we provide a secure and happy community of learning based on Catholic values, that helps foster within our children an awareness of their innate value and the value of others, and the confidence to use their skills and gifts to contribute to the wellbeing of others.

“I have come so that they may have life and have it to the full.”
John 10:10
"Pupils are taught to respect one another's opinions, culture and religion. The curriculum provides time for reflection on spiritual, moral, social and cultural themes"
Ofsted Inspection
July 2017
"Through the commitment of all those in the academy to its Catholic mission, pupils are encouraged to know about, value and experience the call to, and action for, justice. They recognise that each of them has a call from Jesus, to do kind and charitable works, helping those in need. For example, pupils’ contributions to local and wider community charities such as, Street life, St Vincent de Paul, Brian House and Mary’s meals, often giving of their time throughout the school day to raise money for these chosen charities."
Diocesan Inspection
October 2018