St Cuthbert's Catholic Academy

Our Nursery

Two nursery students

Our school is a happy and thriving place in which to learn; where staff work tirelessly to ensure achievement is high for all children. We are rightly proud of our extended Catholic family within the Blessed Multi Academy Trust, particularly our close and fulfilling link with our sister school, Christ The King.

Our Catholic mission and ethos remain at the heart of all that we do; with positive relationships, dedication and commitment to Christ and each other, being central to this mission. The aim of our school is to give each child the opportunity to develop confidence and self-esteem in a happy and well-structured environment. We believe that this equips our pupils with both a good Catholic education and a positive attitude to learning. 

Our purpose built Nursery Unit opened in 1995 and can accommodate two age phases, (2-3 years and 3-4 years).   Our educational provision is well resourced to deliver all areas of the  Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.  We are proud of the strong links across the two learning environments and we ensure that children thrive within our care. 

Our team of dedicated and highly skilled Early Years practitioners carefully plan for each setting to provide children with rich learning opportunities and spaces to suit their needs and interests. There is space to be quiet and rest as well as areas for children to explore their creative thinking and problem solving through painting, music, mark making, junk modelling, water and sand. 

Nursery pupils washing their hands
Nursery pupils playing outside

We are fortunate to have access to a large outdoor space which is open every day whatever the weather, unless conditions may cause risk to the children. Play is free flow so the children can play either inside or outdoors as they prefer. 

Nursery children are part of our school community; often spending time using the school facilities and joining parts of the daily routine. This access to the school enables us to secure a highly effective transition from nursery to school. 

Our Aims 

  1. To provide a stimulating, secure and welcoming environment for every child. 
  2. To provide high quality spiritual, religious, social, emotional, physical, intellectual and moral education. 
  3. To ensure the safety and well-being of every child in our care. 
  4. To build positive and trusting partnerships between home and Nursery.
  5. To develop children’s learning through a broad and balanced curriculum which offers open-ended and challenging opportunities for them to learn through first hand experiences.
  6. To record your child’s learning and progression by observations, interactions, carefully planned activities and talking to parents.
Nursery pupils dancing