St Cuthbert's Catholic Academy

Nursery Uniform

The children who attend the 3-4 years nursery classroom wear the St Cuthbert’s Catholic Academy uniform. Uniform is optional if your child is in the 2-3 nursery classroom.  

We believe children learn through active involvement in all activities. Leggings, elasticated trousers and jogging bottoms support your child in moving freely around their classroom. 

Please send your child to nursery in clothes that are easy for them to take on and off, this promotes their independence, especially when using the toilet. Buckles, clasps, belts and laces often prove a difficulty.  

Children should have a change of clothes in case of accidents (these can be non-uniform items), and kept in a named bag, on their peg. Wellies and a coat for outdoors, sun lotion and sun hats enable children to use the outdoor area daily regardless of the weather.