St Cuthbert's Catholic Academy

Exclusion Arrangements

When young people choose to break rules or behave unacceptably at St Cuthbert’s Catholic Academy, then they must understand that there will be consequences.

At St Cuthbert’s Catholic Academy we strive to apply these consequences in a fair and consistent way and in proportion to the offence.  The range of sanctions open to all staff include: additional written work, loss of playtime or lunchtime, loss of Golden Time, removal of privileges such as representing the school in a sporting fixture, speaking with parents.  St Cuthbert’s Catholic Academy operates a staged sanction system.

Stage 1 involves class teacher delivering the sanction.  At this level a note may go home or parent informed.  This may take place over the phone, via the home school diary or by short informal meeting after school with class teacher.  The situation will be monitored by support from the Teaching Assistant and Class Teacher.

Stage 2 is implemented for children who are persistently remaining at Stage 1.  In this case the SENCO, Behaviour support assistants and the class teacher would arrange a meeting with parents and child.  This Strategy Meeting would be used to discuss a way forward and agree targets for the child.  Regular review meetings would take place to monitor the child’s progress. 

Stage 3 is the final sanction as sometimes exclusion is St Cuthbert Catholic Academy’s only option.  This is only ever sanctioned by the Head teacher and is called “fixed term exclusion”.  This would occur in extreme circumstances where a child has deliberately injured a member of staff or pupil.  Fixed Term Exclusions would also be considered when a pupil has been given repeated opportunities to change behaviour and has not done so.

Sadly on a few occasions leaders at St Cuthbert Catholic Academy may have to consider permanently excluding a pupil, who continually fails to meet the school standards. Permanent exclusion can also be used for a very serious one-off incident.