St Cuthbert's Catholic Academy

Celebrating Our Annual Children’s University Event

What a wonderful morning we shared on Thursday at our annual Children’s University event! All fifty-three graduates proudly processed into the hall, even though there weren’t quite enough chairs for everyone to sit on. It was a joyous celebration of their hard work throughout the year.

Parents captured the event on film, and we commemorated the occasion with a delicious cake and a small gift for each graduate. We owe a huge thank you to Donna and the Sodexo team for making the cakes, Mrs Forster for her exceptional organisation during the preparation period (including a last-minute dash to secure photo prints), Jim for his invaluable support with logistics, Miss Caton and Mr Mitchell for their skilled preparation of the certificates (with minutes to spare!), and, of course, the wonderful Claire Dunne. Claire diligently counted hours, recorded club participation, organised gowns, and worked tirelessly to ensure the event’s success.

Thank you to everyone involved for making this year’s Children’s University event a memorable and special occasion for all!